Wholesale Inquiries

Carrying the CrystalCombs in your salon, spa, store or boutique is offering more than than a product– it’s offering a ritual tool for healing, a serviceable message, and a teachable home-practice.


You are supported:
As a CrystalCombs vendor, you will receive Retailer Collateral and Merchandising Package including promotional images, send home practice guides, and an in-store display option.

CrownWorks Learning:
Want to know more about crystals, energy work, services and use? We offer virtual training sessions with your team and on-site visits locally.

Tiered Pricing:
Variable wholesale options are available for the best fit for your space.

Let’s Connect:
If you’re interested in becoming a retail partner, please fill out this form. It will give us a better sense of who you are and how we can grow together.