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All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges.
Crystals are fragile. All orders are shipped carefully with custom packaging and sent via USPS priority & insured.
Should your item arrive damaged, we will work with you to find a solution within the best of our ability. We ask that you photograph the item and packaging and report the damage with documentation immediately. Keep all materials. Do not send anything back or throw it away unless directed by us to do so.
A refund or replacement (when possible) will be available when the USPS claim is processed.
If the USPS insurance claim is rejected, we will still seek but cannot guarantee a solution. Any damage reported outside of a reasonable amount of time after delivery may not eligible for refund or replacement.
If ordering from outside USA, we are not responsible for any fees incurred in duties or customs, nor will those be eligible for refund under any circumstance.
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CrystalCombs from left to right:
Chrysocolla Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Galaxite Luxe






Humans have long been adorning themselves, their homes and places of worship with gemstones, both for their beauty and for their ability to enhance well-being. The comb is an ancient matriarchal symbol, signaling new growth, fresh life and renewal.


Research supports that intentional use of gemstones and crystals have healing and transformative effects on humans’ emotional and mental state, chakras, skin and hair. Meditative movement through the hair is soothing to the nervous system, while stimulating blood flow to the scalp, improving circulation, hair growth, and skin health.


When you use CrystalCombs to comb your hair, you are using the power of gemstone energy to influence your aura and entire energetic system. You can also use the CrystalCombs for energy and body work.


::Be Your Own Healer::

Blockages that present in the Crown may not resolve overnight, and while an in-salon treatment can be as cathartic and gratifying as a chiropractic adjustment, the environmental or situational causes of the interference may present themselves again. The focus in the treatment is to show you the way to the inner wisdom that is always available to you. An at-home hair treatment is a great opportunity for a weekly self-healing and Crown Chakra check-in!


There is no right or wrong way to use the comb, and I do not wish to dictate what you personally should feel. CrystalCombs are not to be used as substitution for adequate medical care, nor do I make promises of emotional or mental healing. Instead, I wish to leave room for your own experiences and discoveries. I offer tools to support crafting a beauty ritual as your own sacred practice.



CrystalComb Care

These combs are beautiful works of natural art and skilled craftsmanship. As such, they should be treated with care and treasured.  They are fragile.  Handle them carefully and store them in a safe place protected from impact as you would any crystal, glass, or ceramic. CrystalCombs should be washed clean after each use to free the teeth from hair and residue. Because each one will grow to serve your unique energy field, it is important that they be cleared with a salt bath, moonlight, sage or palo santo if they are used on another person, and at least once a month for good spiritual hygiene even when only used on yourself.


The Practice

CrystalComb Ritual


CrystalComb Ritual Crown Clearing



CrystalComb Bedtime Ritual

CrownWorks Oil Treatments

“Using the gem comb has been a daily ritual of healing for me. To work it through my hair before bed and let go of my day has felt amazing. The combination of pressure points pushed, and energy absorbed makes this a magical daily practice to engage with as part of your own energy cleaning and beauty rituals.”


Alexandra Roxo - Spiritual & Creative Mentor

“I use my black Obsidian gem comb as part of my weekly beauty ritual and energetic practices. Andi had prescribed that I put essential oil in my hair for 10 min and then run the comb through my lady locks. My hair is being nourished while the energy around my crown Chakra is being grounded & protected. It is a must-do practice for anyone working in the healing industry!”


Colleen McCann - Energy Practitioner

"Using my comb is like running pure magic through my hair.”


Christine Hassler, M.A. - Author - Speaker - Life Coach

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Photo Credit: Angel V. Prado ( for gallery images.

This super new moon in Leo has us out shaking our manes and welcoming the SUPER NEW collection of CrownWorks CrystalCombs!
  • New designs are approximately 30% larger, which allows a better grip when using them in the shower or shampoo sink.
  • The teeth are set a touch wider to allow for more hair, making them even better to use on denser, curlier textures.
  • Our NEW trademarked CrownWorks logo lets you know you are getting the real deal, and the signature blessing ceremony and Reiki charge that makes the CrystalCombs feel so sparkly.
  • We’ve become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. We’re now offering a sample of ZERO CW activating oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in your own beauty ritual crafting.
  • All new combs will be offered at the same price point, so you are free to select the crystal that you vibe with the most.
  • Now our keepsake box it’s self is a real treasure, too. A sacred geometry adorned drawer makes for keeping this gem extra safe, and holds guidance for suggested ritual practice and comb care.
  • We have become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. we’re offering a sample of ZERO clearing blend CW Activating Oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in crafting your own beauty ritual.
  • CrownWorks CrystalCombs are always made from 100% real, top quality stones, crafted by fine jewelers, responsibly sourced and ethically produced.
  • This treasure is still delivered in a luxurious fabric envelope for polishing and safekeeping, like the Crown jewel it is.
Thank you for growing with us!
There is so much more magic to comb!