Self-care in the new year comes in many forms: hauling yourself to the gym after being bombarded with no-joining fee offers or bubble baths with expensive Korean sheet masks resting on your face.

New-age methods have seen us rubbing crystals on our face to heal ourselves from the outside in with rose quartz stones believed to have anti-ageing effects as well as the power to reduce eczema and puffiness.

Now, the next big wellness trend might be brushing your hair with a fancy bit of rock.

That’s according to Andi Scarbrough, the founder of US hair salon CrownWorks, anyway.

Her personalised treatments range from 60-minute treatments to four-hour sessions and include reiki scalp massages, oil treatments and discovery sessions alongside a blow dry. Within this method is the use of crystal combs, with four main gemstones used: amethyst, rose, clear quartz and black obsidian.

Andi explains to ‘People come into a salon and drop as many negative vibes as they do hair and that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? They come in feeling lacklustre or out of sorts, and we transform both their hair and their mood.’

The four stones represent a different part of life. Amethyst is often believed to be the stone of wisdom, rose quartz is the stone of love used to clear negativity; clear quartz is the stone of light, and black obsidian is the stone of transformation. Andi believes each one can help a person in a different way….

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