“Crown Works”: Energetic Hair Cure
Hair is a big part of identity and self-expression. They reflect not only ethnic background and predisposition, but above all our state. Hair stylist Andi Scarbrough helps her clients solve and purify themselves through the energetic “cut” of old emotions, behaviors and people. Her approach: the hair.
What’s behind it: hair is lifestyle. They are the only accessory we never discard and show exactly if and how needs are met and in what condition the wearer is. In addition, emotions and energy are stored in them and can be stripped and released by hair healing. The hair becomes a kind of spiritual performance that not only symbolizes the inner change, but also catalyzes it.
Technique: Intuition, Reiki and Hands on Healing. As the name “Crown” describes, Andi is particularly concerned with the “crown chakra”, the energy point that should lie directly on and just above the vertex of the head. By energetically working on exactly this area, fixed blockages are loosened and emotions cleared.
Von Judy Godhart
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