CrownWorks X Free Your Hair Brush Collaboration


There are many ways to work a beauty ritual. The incredible Roxie Jane Hunt  and I share the joy of tending crowns with tender and intentional care, and it is my most sincere pleasure to offer a special CrownWorks edition of her ritual brush. A key component to any beauty alchemist’s tool kit, and a personal favorite self-care practice.

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Roxie shares about her brush-love here:
“The Free Your Hair Brush” was designed with the intention for bringing Personal Alignment, Joy, Self-Care, Abundance and Connection into your daily life, one brush stroke at a time. Beautiful classic mixed nylon/boar bristle brush, rubber cushion bed and sustainably harvested beech-wood handle. Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks, the Free Your Hair Brush is burly enough for everyone. Softened, irregular bristles move oils through to your ends, bringing health and balance to all parts of your hair and scalp. Uniquely engraved with powerful symbols, your brush will arrive pre-oiled and conditioned with almond oil and egyptian rose. “This is your self-care and hair styling tool for life.”  Learn more at

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Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 3.5 × 2.0 in


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