Chrysocolla Quartz: The Stone of Feminine Power


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Chrysocolla Quartz: The Stone of Feminine Power

Core Qualities: Communication, Compassion, Ancestral Wisdom, Grace, Creativity, Strength, Receptivity

Key Affirmation: I embrace my power. I give and receive from an abundant and endless flow.

The nexus where the soft fluid essences of Chrysocolla meet the strength and endurance of Quartz, this stone hold the vibration of strength in self expression, heart centered communication, artistic expression, and feminine power. Otherwise known as the “Goddess Stone” this crystal is the talisman of the Wise Woman, and holds the properties typically associated with the Great Mother; compassion, gentleness and the ability to receive fully and openly through creating firm and loving boundaries, while comforting the heart through all the life stages of a woman’s glory.


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