“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Educational Offerings & Consulting Services





Experiential exploration of the energetic dynamics of salon culture and client relations.



Deep dive into accessing our individual gifts, exploring Ritual tools and creating sacred space. Half-day and Full-day workshops are available. Both programs can be tailored for hairstylists, beauty industry service providers, or anyone seeking to learn beauty ritual crafting.



Rates for individual or group / business or personal available.


Three (3) one hour virtual sessions (recommended 2 week intervals).

60 Minute Virtual Session
Have a one-off or present moment situation that calls for support? This is a great option for a brainstorming session or shedding light on an issue at hand. From business building to energy clearing, we can use this time for whatever will serve you best.




Are you a stylist that is keenly aware that there is more than hair going on behind that chair? Many of us are consciously (or inadvertently) practicing some sort of energy work behind our chair. ...but how exactly does energy work in a salon business??

This offering is a curated one-on-one conversation with one crystal-clear intention: how we can serve beyond the service. I believe the beauty industry is full of hidden healers with the capacity to make waves of well-being that last longer than a blow dry.

Traditionally, professional beauty education has been about the guest experience, but I believe the magic starts with YOU. The average career span of a hairdresser is roughly 10 years, and most salon owners only expect to get 5 years from a stylist. Many of the old constructs of beauty business development don’t teach or even take into account the bodies of emotional and energetic work we are actually doing. Lack of awareness in these crucial areas can lead to creative burnout, addictions, adrenal and compassion fatigue. Learning communication skills, energy management, and boundaries are key to breaking this pattern and creating a long, satisfying, meaningful, and prosperous career.

In this 4 month offering, we’ll focus on creating sacred space, the mechanics of energetic exchanges, and expanding your own personal practices. You will receive skills you can use behind the chair and share with your guests, tools, and support in the business of creating the physical and energetic space to build your own beauty ritual offerings.




90 min Session (beginning of each month): meet up in person (if you are in LA), skype or on the phone. We’ll get a finger on the pulse of where you are and get clear about your inentions moving forward, both for you and your business. This is a time for us to explore, discover, and set goals for the coming weeks.

Ritual Kit: I will craft a package of gifts and tools to support your personal journey that will be the start of your own ritual kit. This may include oils, oracle-type cards, crystals, or digital tools. Everyone will receive at least one CrystalComb at some point in the program, chosen intuitively to best serve your intentions.

90 min Session (mid-month to check in): How’s it going? We’ll take this time to hone on what you need to accomplish your goals for the month. What additional support do you need?

Text/Email Access: need on-the-spot support? Reach out with questions or challenges via text or email between calls during office hours. I’ll be holding a container for your expansion the entire time we work together. No question is silly or off limits, and I’m always here for a high-five!

One group call per month to connect with each other, facilitate collaborations, and address monthly themes.

Extras!: get a curated reading list, access to experiences, referrals to additional support, teachers, and healers who can help you develop specific gifts you discover along the way.


COMMITMENT: Four months @ $1111 per month.