“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Educational Offerings & Consulting Services



Experiential exploration of the energetic dynamics of salon culture and client relations.

Dive deep into accessing individual gifts, exploring ritual tools, practices, and learn to create and hold sacred space. Programs can be tailored for hairstylists, beauty industry professionals, or anyone seeking to learn the anatomy of energetic exchanges, beauty ritual crafting, and enriched levels of connectivity.

a one or two day immersion.



Use the power of crystals and breathwork to gain access to and achor resonance in your own personal relationship with beauty.

a 2-4 hour event.



Experience the magic of CrystalCombs and Activation Oils in mini-crownworks treatments. This offering is great for gatherings, pop-ups, and brand collaborations, and can be paired with our other offerings.

a 2-4 hour offering.




Click below for one-on-one session options! From business building to energy clearing, we can use this time for whatever will serve you best.

Rates for group sessions / team support available upon request.


Have a one-off or present moment situation that calls for support? This is a great option for a brainstorming session or shedding light on an issue at hand.

$222 : 60 Minute Virtual Session




Utilize this cluster of multiple sessions to create a container for deeper work and receive continued support as you cultivate your creative process or move purposely forward with clarity and accountability.

$555 : Three (3) 60 Minute Virtual Sessions (recommended 2 week intervals).



WALK ALONG : Mentorship Program

one 1 hour virtual session per month

+ one 30 minute check in per month
+ one 15 minute spot-light chat per month
+FREE download of CrownWorks Workbook for Beauty Alchemists
+ unlimited text/email access during office hours
+ personal development assignments
curated reading list
personalized gift every month to support your unique offerings
complimentary attendance to any live events
(*as guest listing authority permits with at least one month of completed work together)

$555 per month
(a minimum of 4 months are recommended, but this a month to month offering, you may discontinue at any time with 30 days notice.)


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