Hello wonderful ones!

I hope this long hot weekend is baking in some sweetness for you.

First of all– -I just want to say a massive THANKS to all of you for your loving kindness, support, and flexibility as we’ve navigated new (and creative! ) ways to care for your crown this year!

As you have likely seen in previous salon messages or on social media– California salons are reopening (again)!

This time the powers that be have thrown us a bit of a wild card in stipulating that we can only use 25% of our occupancy at my full service space at Framed Salon. This means only two of our 10 incredible stylists can be in the space at any given time. It’s been quiet the brain teaser to puzzle together a solution that allowed all the members of our beloved team adequate time behind their chairs so they can service their clients. In order to do this, It meant removing myself from the schedule at Framed entirely.

Fortunately, my little healing space at the Crystal Cave is offering itself as a net to hold us at this time!

We are told that the current capacity limits will be revisited at the end of the month, so for the next few weeks, I’ll be seeing all of my guests the studio space I share with my friends Colleen McCann (Intuitive Reader) and Julie Civiello Polier (Shamanic Facials). Due to ongoing restrictions (and their generous hearts) we will have this place to ourselves for the time being.

I will be sending all of you with scheduled appointments a reminder text with this info:

The Crystal Cave LA

1730 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica 90405

(it’s the back bungalow behind Love Coffee. We have two parking spots marked for “Crystal Cave” in the lot accessible through the alley)

In order to keep in compliance with social distancing and cleaning protocols, I will be personally scheduling appointments. My online booking option will not be available at this time. You can reach me for an appointment at 310-751-4484 or visit the Services page to schedule.

We will be following the same protocols as when Framed last reopened : Please come to your appointment alone. We will do a temperature, symptoms check, and waiver for each visit. You will be invited to wear wash or sanitize your hands upon entry, and will be required to wear a mask at all times.  Here is the link to the prescreening doc and waiver we will be using … Framed adjacent of course.

I understand while the powers-that-be give us this green light to reconnect, you may not personally be ready to do so in an enclosed space. I totally understand that and am here to support your beauty needs being met in whatever way I am able. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

With Great Love and Gratitude,


This super new moon in Leo has us out shaking our manes and welcoming the SUPER NEW collection of CrownWorks CrystalCombs!
  • New designs are approximately 30% larger, which allows a better grip when using them in the shower or shampoo sink.
  • The teeth are set a touch wider to allow for more hair, making them even better to use on denser, curlier textures.
  • Our NEW trademarked CrownWorks logo lets you know you are getting the real deal, and the signature blessing ceremony and Reiki charge that makes the CrystalCombs feel so sparkly.
  • We’ve become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. We’re now offering a sample of ZERO CW activating oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in your own beauty ritual crafting.
  • All new combs will be offered at the same price point, so you are free to select the crystal that you vibe with the most.
  • Now our keepsake box it’s self is a real treasure, too. A sacred geometry adorned drawer makes for keeping this gem extra safe, and holds guidance for suggested ritual practice and comb care.
  • We have become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. we’re offering a sample of ZERO clearing blend CW Activating Oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in crafting your own beauty ritual.
  • CrownWorks CrystalCombs are always made from 100% real, top quality stones, crafted by fine jewelers, responsibly sourced and ethically produced.
  • This treasure is still delivered in a luxurious fabric envelope for polishing and safekeeping, like the Crown jewel it is.
Thank you for growing with us!
There is so much more magic to comb!