“My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am.”

~ Anaïs Nin

Photo by Amy Dickerson © 2019



Growing up in Texas, I was not only allowed but encouraged to be a creature that identified as half woods-wild moon-child, and half wannabe debutante. Equally captivated by nature and beauty, I spent most of my childhood having fashion shows in my treehouse. A career in hairdressing claimed me from an early age, pulling me west to Los Angeles, where I’ve made my home for nearly 15 years.

More than a decade ago, I found myself in Santa Monica, an area with the perfect proportions of chic, intellectual, and counter-culture beach vibes. Here,I put down roots, began a career in educating other hairdressers, eventually co-creating a boutique collective-style salon space.  With a view deep into the inner workings of the beauty industry, I noticed there was a specific stream of conversation I found myself having both in the classroom and the salon; it had way more to do with the humans BEING in our chairs than the techniques we were practicing on them. One thing became evident: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut.

In 2007, I first experienced and eventually began practicing Reiki, which set me on my own spiritual journey. After enrolling in the University of Santa Monica™ Spiritual Psychology program, I found myself lead me down a sometimes surprising road to additional courses of study including Shamanism and Mystical Christianity, as well as dream interpretation, intuitive mentorships, breath-work, sound healing, and practice of native rituals; a list which continues to expand. These years of learning and self-exploration have served to both illuminate and reconcile my life’s experiences into an aligned journey, curating a special skill set of gifts to share with both my clients and my business. In the launch of CrownWorks, an opportunity arises to give space to the emotional and spiritual needs of clients, bringing ceremony back into their beauty ritual.

⚡️CrownWorks is transmission of BEAUTY, moving always in all ways with the Knowing that beauty is not a frivolity, but a sacred recognition of Source. To see beauty is to see the Divine. To facilitate opportunity to see beauty in the self & others is to work in honor to Source.

⚡️Through INCLUSIVITY and ACCESSIBILITY, CrownWorks provides products, services, and experiences for those who feel called to encourage their truest, fullest expression & potential, with devotional dedication to those in need.

⚡️Held in highest RESPONSIBILITY, CrownWorks continues to build on ethical & sustainable practices & sourcing, treating ourselves with the same regard we do the minerals we utilize and the humans we serve.

⚡️QUALITY is at the core of every product, interaction, and service, and we fully chose to take no action before we compromise this core value in any offering.

⚡️CONNECTIVE COMMUNICATION is the foundation of our work, and we engage in open, forthright dialogue with no agenda other than deepening communion, and appreciation for the unique ways we serve one another.

⚡️CrownWorks fearlessly embodies our own TRUTH, without censorship or withholding. We welcome error and corrections as our process unfolds. We reserve that changing one’s mind is a glorious gift of growth.

⚡️With an irreverent and PLAYFUL approach, we embrace the full spectrum of this human experience, using laughter to bring lightness to the endless of task of becoming.