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Hair is treated as culturally and spiritually significant with ritual and ceremony world wide. In Western practice, however, it has become something else we squeeze into a lunch hour– as much of a chore as an oil change. For many people, it is the one small semi-regular act of self-care they may practice. CrownWorks serves to optimize the healing available in this moment by creating a custom beauty ritual inside your salon service.  

Here, we have an opportunity to become intentional about the vibrational message hidden inside our asthetic, and see that the Crown Chakra, our connection to universal wisdom and the source of trusted self-guidance. 

Inside the sacred space we create together,  we explore and discover patterns and beliefs that are impacting the way we see ourselves, and the message we are projecting into the world about how we want to be seen. Using tools like crystals, oils, sound, and breath we alchemize intention into action with a ceremonious haircut.

My purpose is to empower you with tools to access the wisdom of your Crown whenever you desire, offering you an experience of beauty and well-being that lasts longer than the blowdry.



NEW Crystal Combs Pre-Order List

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The Stone of Serenity, Kambaba helps with deep heart healing, allowing tranquility to flow, providing nourishment for new beginnings.

Qualities: Peace, grounding, shadow healing of heart and root centers, fertility new beginnings, intergenerational healing.


The Stone of Joy, Dalmation helps support re-patterning, reconciles a chaotic mind, & brings back childlike play.

Qualities: Frivolity, Hope, Humor, Security, Confidence, Humility, Release of Resentments and Restrictions.


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All information provided here is intended for CrystalComb personal practice only. Any copies, excerpts, republishing under a same or different name on any source other than those directly owned and operated, must always be authorized by CrownWorks™.  Please contact us for consideration and questions. Thank you for honoring the CrownWorks brand and sustaining our vision for the future!
This super new moon in Leo has us out shaking our manes and welcoming the SUPER NEW collection of CrownWorks CrystalCombs!
  • New designs are approximately 30% larger, which allows a better grip when using them in the shower or shampoo sink.
  • The teeth are set a touch wider to allow for more hair, making them even better to use on denser, curlier textures.
  • Our NEW trademarked CrownWorks logo lets you know you are getting the real deal, and the signature blessing ceremony and Reiki charge that makes the CrystalCombs feel so sparkly.
  • We’ve become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. We’re now offering a sample of ZERO CW activating oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in your own beauty ritual crafting.
  • All new combs will be offered at the same price point, so you are free to select the crystal that you vibe with the most.
  • Now our keepsake box it’s self is a real treasure, too. A sacred geometry adorned drawer makes for keeping this gem extra safe, and holds guidance for suggested ritual practice and comb care.
  • We have become more aware of the effects the rise in popularity of Palo Santo has had on the health and safety of these sacred trees. we’re offering a sample of ZERO clearing blend CW Activating Oil instead of the stick of this holy wood for use in crafting your own beauty ritual.
  • CrownWorks CrystalCombs are always made from 100% real, top quality stones, crafted by fine jewelers, responsibly sourced and ethically produced.
  • This treasure is still delivered in a luxurious fabric envelope for polishing and safekeeping, like the Crown jewel it is.
Thank you for growing with us!
There is so much more magic to comb!