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Take Your Crown Into Your Own Hands


Be your own healer.

Blockages that present in the Crown may not resolve overnight, and while an in-salon treatment can be as cathartic and gratifying as a chiropractic adjustment, the environmental or situational causes of the interference may present themselves again. The focus in the treatment is to show you the way to the inner wisdom that is always available to you. An at-home hair treatment is a great opportunity for a weekly self-healing and Crown Chakra check-in! 
As you comb your hair you are simultaneously influencing your entire energetic system. You can also use the CrystalCombs for any type of energy and bodywork. There is no right or wrong  way to use the comb, and I do not wish to dictate what you personally should feel, nor can I make promises of healing. Instead, I wish to leave room for your own experiences and discoveries.  

The Practice

Give yourself 15-30 minutes. Remember, the Crown is where we receive intuitive guidance and connection to our higher self or higher power. Make it a purposeful practice: You can also ask questions or request guidance in this time.
  • It can can be a highly therapeutic to practice even a 5-minute free-form writing exercise before you start a hair treatment. This brain-dump should serve to purge any mental residue (angers, judgements, frustrations) that may have built up during the week. Don’t worry about it making sense or being legible—and never re-read your free-form writing; always destroy the paper when you are finished. On the flip side, you can also use this time to list the insights you received during the week—since vibrationally, what you give attention to you get more of.
  • Apps like Headspace and Omvana are great tools if you prefer guidance or structure (and a timer!) with your meditative treatment. You can select from many very specific offerings from acceptance and anxiety to dealing with illness. I also love the Chakra Tuner app. It tones all the way up (or down) the entire chakra system in seven minutes. You can also set a timer on one specific chakra (the Crown or another place in your body where you’re aware of disturbance) and just listen to that. Sound is really helpful for me personally in quieting my mind, and when I first got into a mediation practice, chanting/toning along with an app really helped me stay present.
  •  Water has always been renowned as a highly effective spiritual conduit. Ritual baths have long been a rich ceremony and a personal favorite self care practice. Even a simply intention setting while in the shower can be a powerful practice in asking to clear any cluttered engry that may have accumulated along the way. At the salon, we recommend a clarifying shampoo before a treatment to remove build-up or residue that might block the receipt of the nourishment in a hair mask. Add a drop of detoxifying molecule (tea tree) oil or stimulating peppermint oil to your shampoo to clear and open your crown. 

Try adding a drop or two of essential oils to your favorite hair mask or regular/daily conditioner. The world of oil uses is rich and diverse, and really fun to explore.  You can add to any pre-made deep conditioning mask, or make your own oil treatment using a carrier oil: Jojoba oil and coconut oil are great carrier oils for all hair types, while almond oil is great for an irritated scalp, and pumpkin-seed oil stimulates growth. Here are few of my favorites:

  • Rosemary: stimulates growth, circulates blood and stagnant energy.
  • Lavender: relieves anxiety, soothes scalp, and provides root-to end hair health
  • Frankincense: energetically grounding, memory, and follicle health.
  • Fennel: deeply nourishing for hair and scalp, antioxidant rich and carries a robust, encouraging energy.

CrystalComb Care

These combs are beautiful works of natural art and skilled craftsmanship. As such, they should be treated with care and treasured.  They are fragile.  Handle them carefully and store them in a safe place protected from impact as you would any crystal, glass, or ceramic. CrystalCombs should be washed clean after each use to free the teeth from hair and residue. Because each one will grow to serve your unique energy field, it is important that they be cleared with a salt bath, moonlight, sage or palo santo if they are used on another person, and at least once a month for good spiritual hygiene even when only used on yourself.

CrystalComb Love