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Get Oily

Get Oily

Essential Oils have long been utilized for their healing properties since ages old.  Now, as western medicine is working more frequently and cohesively with eastern traditions and methods, we are finding ourselves returning to the old ways and the wisdom of plants.

Within the internal offerings of CrownWorks treatments, both at home and in the salon, I began to study these old remedies. Since this work itself is about bridging the gap between the ceremonious and the mundane, it surprised me not at all that many of the solutions for everyday physical aesthetic issues like dandruff and oily hair ALSO offered another layer of healing in addressing the underlying wound, disconnection, or ailment in the mental, emotional, and ethereal bodies as well. Everything is connected, after all!

In creating the offering of the home practice with the CrystalComb, my intention was to provide a sacred tool for beauty rituals and a modern meditative practice. Since meditation is the practice of presence, I sought a way to engage as many of the senses as possible. Sight, through he visual resonance of natural beauty of the stone; Touch, through the invigorating sensation of the teeth of the comb on the scalp; Sound, through the gentle song of the crystal singing through the hair; Smell, (and sometimes taste!) through the use of essential oils.  Each CrystalComb, which it’s own inherent qualities, then serves as a vehicle of vibration and intention to carry along on your healing journey.

Of course, the entire use of the comb is anchored in maximizing the potential of time spent doing a deep conditioning treatment, so choosing essential oils to treat the physical conditions or desired changes in hair/scalp appearance & health is the place to start! As you follow the line of what is physically requiring address, you may find, as I was, that the solution offers multi-faceted opportunities for healing upliftment.

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*DISCLAIMER* Any information provided here is not intended to be substitution for appropriate medical care. Please be aware of your or your clients allergies, sensitivities. Use special care when working with women who are pregnant or nursing. Not all oils are safe to use internally or undiluted. This document is meant to be a starting off point for your own personal practice. Be empowered to do your own research.